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Switzerland Wonderland

One of the best countries I visited was Switzerland so if you have this country on your mind for the next adventure I would name you the best secret places to visit inside the country.

1.- Slide down The Swiss Alps

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Where? When? How much ?

As you know the Alps are super expansive, so there a few places where you can do it.

    • Hotel Oeschinenseethis ’s mountain coaster has one of the best views, located in Kandersteg, Bern.
    • Toboggan adventure mountain Pradaschier, Located in Churwalden.
    • Cantón de Lucerna, Mt. Pilatus, Lucern.
    • Pfingstegg Parkplatz, Grindelwald , Switzerland
  • To have a very fresh and green view, you have to visit in the summertime or spring (may – September).
  • The cost is between 10-20 Swiss francs.

2-. Boat and Ferry Trips in Switzerland

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Where? When? How much ?

This country is also popular for its beautiful lakes, and there are many options  to visit them around Switzerland.

  • Some of them:

    – To have a very fresh and green view, you have to visit in the summertime or spring (may – September)

    – The cost is between 30 – 200 USD (depend the time of trip and the service).

 3.- Matterhorn Mountain

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Where? When? How much ?

Located in Zermatt, this mountain is one of the most famous in all Europe, and the best option for an amazing hiking in this country in the summer time but its the perfect place to sky and snowboard in the winter.

  • You can visit Zermatt in Summer and Winter, there are many activities offered all the time, depending the season.
  • Prices will depend of the activity you are looking for normally it costs between ( 20 Swiss Francs – 200 Swiss Francs).

4.- Heidiland

This was one of my favorite place, when I was a child I used to watch “Heidi” a very sweet cartoon and personally I loved it, I dreamed about being rolling in the Alps like Heidi did with her friend Pedro, and there is actually the real Heidi House in this amazing country.

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Where? When? How much?

Heidiland is located in maienfeld an hour and a 30 min away from Zurich, it was one of the most peaceful place I have ever been.

  • Definitely the best time to enjoy the view of the Ville is on summer
  • This time you don’t have to pay to enter to the Ville, its free but there is a store to buy some beautiful souvenirs.