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Best Backpackers Hostels I visited

As you know there are many types of tourism accommodation. Nowadays most of millennials choose the cheapest option one of these are the Backpackers Hostel especially when you are traveling by yourself. To be honest I had the same though about hostels that maybe it doesn’t have the best service,  is not enough safe or perhaps it is just not comfortable, well what I have to say is that is not true at all, there are many hostels around the world that actually can be confused like hotels, but with super good deals. I will give you a small list of some of the best hostels I visited

1.- Nice ( France)

  • Villa Saint Exupery Beach Hostel, Niza

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2.- Netherlands (Amsterdam)

  • Ecomama Hostel

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3.- Romania (Bucharest)

  • Bucur’s Shelter  Hostel

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4.-Colombia (Cali)

  •  El viajero de Cali

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5.- Croatia (krika)

  • Hostel Lana Haus

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6.- Portugal (Evora)

  • 4 Ever Hostel

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7.- Usa (Boston)

  • Hi Boston Hostel

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8.- Croatia (Zadar)

  • Boutique Hostel Forum

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9.- Hungary (Budapest)

  • Lavender Circus Hostel

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10.-Portugal (lisbon)

  •  Yes Lisbon Hostel

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  • Note: these hostels doesn’t have a expensive price, only from 13 -20 doll per night in dorm rooms is what you have to pay for this experience. Check the site of every hostel and enjoy it.