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Solo Female Traveler

From my experience of traveling solo I can say, is best way to learn how to deal with different situations and also to take note things you have to do before you start your trip

  1. Find a place to stay that is not desolated of everything, it doesn’t matter if you are staying in a Hotel, hostel,  resort, airbnb or even couchsurfing, if its your first time in that country make sure is easy transport yourself.
  2. Let someone knows about you travel plan, I know we love our freedom to do what we want but its super important that someone knows where we are, so that person will notice when we might have a problem.
  3. Informate about the culture of the country you are visiting and respect it, some countries are very religious so if we just can admire it and be part for the days we are visiting we will be showing respect and avoiding maybe unnecessary problems.
  4. Don’t forget to take with you a Day Bag, when you are ready to go around and explore the city or natural place your Day Bag will help you a lot when you are hiking or unfamiliar streets, be always careful with your belongs I recommend you to get  a cross body bag that zips or latches up, and that is not easily accessible to pickpockets.
  5. Pack some medicine with you before your travel, sometimes when we get sick it gets hard to ask for the normal medicine we know because of the language or confusion.